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          Secondary School Return - September 2020

          Posted on: 20th Jul 2020

          See letters from Ms LinsleyMr Ajagbonna regarding September

          Returning in September - 

          Thursday 3 September will be Induction day for the new Year 7, they should arrive at 8.40am.

          Year 7 will not be in school on Friday 4 September and should return on Monday 7 September at 8.40am.

          Friday 4 September will be the first day back for Years 8-11, with the usual staggered start. Please take note of the timings:

          Year 11 at 8.45am

          Year 10 at 9.30am

          Year 9 at 10.30am

          Year 8 at 11.30am

          Sixth Form -

          Year 12:  Thursday 3 September 8.45am-12.30pm and normal school hours from Friday 4 September

          Year 13: Thursday 3 September 1pm-4pm and normal school hours from Friday 4 September


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